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Child 1: $3425.00
Child 2: $2125.00
Child 3: $1325.00
Child 4: 0


Enrollment is not finalized until you set up a STS tuition account.



ABVM offers both mandatory and optional fundraising opportunities throughout the year. Nearly all of the optional fundraisers that we offer you the opportunity to earn “Tuition Bucks”. “Tuition Bucks” are earned by splitting a percentage of the fundraising profit with you. You can then use these “Tuition Bucks” as cash towards your tuition. There is no limit to the amount of “Tuition Bucks” you can earn or use at one time! We have families that have raised over $1200 in ONE YEAR! We offer a variety of sales in order to give you as many opportunities to lower your tuition as possible!