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We Value Your Time and Help

Our school depends on the volunteer contributions of many people. It takes faculty and staff to get our school to run successfully, but our volunteers provide invaluable help to lend a hand with so many details that make our environment of learning so wonderful to our families.

While some donors are able to provide financial assistance, volunteers provide something equally valuable – their time!

At any time during the year our school can use the assistance of volunteers. You don’t need any special skills or talents, just your time and love of our mission helps in so many ways.

We encourage you to contact our office staff and let us know when and how you can be of service. All are welcome.

Any parent or guardian that would like to volunteer or chaperone a school event is required to contact the school office to receive the mandated paperwork and information required by  the Diocese of Allentown and be compliant with Pennsylvania law regarding child abuse (Act 153 of 2014).

Donate Supplies

Support Our School With Resources

Donating supplies is an easy (and fun) way to support our school. Our teachers find this support extremely valuable to help our students perform at their best.

Speaking with faculty or staff is an easy to find out what our classrooms need in the way of supplies. Even the smallest donations help a great deal.

If you would like to contribute specific items, please contact our school so we can arrange how to make those donations possible.

Some families struggle to purchase school supplies for all their children each year, so your generosity is greatly appreciated. We welcome any help you can provide the Assumption BVM School family.

Donate Funds

Donations Support Scholarships and School Supplies

At Assumption BVM School we offer an inclusive environment for students of all economic backgrounds to come and learn in a value-based curriculum that integrates the teachings of Jesus Christ.

In this mission some families may struggle with the financial investment of attendance at our school. Whenever possible we offer financial assistance to these families so their students may attend and fulfill their potential. Through the support of our donor family we are thankful to be able to offer this assistance. However, each year we meet new families with financial need, and as this grows so does our need for growing our donors and supporters.

We invite you to meet with our faculty and staff to learn more about Assumption BVM School, and we hope you will consider becoming a financial supporter of our great school and the families who attend.

If you have ever looked for a direct way to financially support the mission of Christ-centered education we would love to show you how your support can be the answer to prayer for many of our families. Please contact us for a visit to our school, or make a donation of any amount.

Participate in Events

Your Support In Participation Lifts Our School

Assumption BVM School hosts numerous events throughout the year, and we would like you to become part of them!

Your support in our events provides growth opportunities for our student body. They are rewarded by your time and attention to their activities.

Additionally, we offer numerous fundraising activities where your support is invaluable. Helping students reach their fundraising goals empowers them to learn how to outreach into the community and support their school goals. These experiences last with students for their entire lives, and teaches valuable communication and social skills.

Event sponsorships are also available for specific events, and we encourage you to reach out to us to learn about these opportunities to provide support to the Assumption BVM School’s mission. We look forward to hearing from you!